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  • Get Started!

At Pro Start we supply and service starter motors. We stock gear reduction starters for every type of engine: hot rod, classic, agricultural, high performance or motorcycle.

Get started by browsing our online catalog. When you have found the gear reduction starter motor you are after contact our friendly staff who will ensure your purchase goes smoothly.

If you can't find what you are looking for online then contact us to discuss your requirements; starter motors are our business, so get some good advice from the experts.

  • Roadrunner Gear Reduction Starters

Roadrunner Starters are designed as replacement “High Performance” aftermarket starters that surpass the performance of original equipment starters.

starter_motorRoadrunner gear reduction starters are smaller, lighter, more reliable and have more power and torque than original equipment starters.

Many Roadrunner gear reduction starters have rotatable front mounting plates that allow the starter to be repositioned to clear headers, steering and suspension obstacles & most Roadrunner Starters are available in a range of kilowatt sizes.

A range of marine and industrial specific Roadrunner Starters are also available on request.

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